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The Red-green coalition cruising in opinion polls as they keep their lead to the finish line

Sunday, 06 October 2013
The Social Democrats, The Green party and the Left party, other wise known as the Red Green coalition continue to keep their lead in the Swedish voters minds as voters support for these parties and the coalition remain robot with  election drawing closer.

They are now greater than the governing parties of the Alliance coalition, made up of, the Conservative Moderates, Centre party, People's party and the Christian Democrats.

The opposition has a clear advantage in voter opinion, just a year before the election, but it is clear that there are many obstacles that can quickly turn things around - just like before the 2010 election. Something the Red-Greens would want to avoid at all costs - something the Alliance constantly recalls and could take advantage of.

If election were held today, the Red-Green parties would have a majority in parliament,  a news aggregate of the main opinion polls assessed in last month's poll or poll of polls for the Swedish television show. In fact, the Social Democrats and the Greens together today attracts more supporters than the bourgeois alliance coalition together.
Source: Swedish television
In addition, the Centre Party at this moment is finding it very hard to reach the parliament accession barrier of four percent. The Social Democrats have persistently said that voters "should be informed in advance before the election," about coalition interests. Therefore,  it is unclear what it means now that elections is just a year away and if the Alliance tapped into one of the Red- Green coalition members that would be a disaster for the Social Democrats.

The analysis after the last election was that the Social Democrats lost just because they failed to build a proper governing options with the likes of the Left party.

Now as the various parties juggle for position, they have to make their position clearer earlier. So where will they be after the next election?

The Green Party, which had previously been open to collaborations with both sides, have repeatedly hinted that it is now leaning Social Democrats. The Left Pary, however, would love to be in the Social Democratic camp but neither Socialists nor Greens have yet responded to their invitation.

This makes the Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, feels that there is an opportunity languishing out there to grab. Since the centre party is failing to reach the parliamentary threshold of 4 percent, and the Left party could reach and pass that threshold, it would means that his alliance coalition could welcome the Leftist communist leaning into government. That would mean that of the Socialist the Greens score lower than 50 percent, the Social Democrats will still be out of government.

Nevertheless, the danger here is if Fredrik Reinfeldt talks to the Left now and then the Centre party regains its composure on the polls and the actual voting shows them gaining above 4 percent, what will the Prime minister do with their former ally? Quagmire!
by Scancomark.com Team

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