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Testing the Swedish political pulse - Green party

Wednesday, 07 August 2013
Looking that the nature of the Swedish political pulse,  the latest opinion pull seek to know how the parties are moving in the past months. It turns out that the Green Party has emerged the third largest party in the country for the first time since March this year.Green aparty of Sweden
This comes from a new opinion poll conducted by polling organisation, Novus for the Swedish television channel TV4. The Party received 9.7 percent of voter support, which is an increase of 1.0 percentage points compared with the measurement in June.

All changes since the last survey however is within the statistical margin of error.
In relations to bloc politics though, the Social Democrats, The Left party and the Green Party (Red-Green Coalition) holds a total of 50.1 percent of voter support and the Governing Alliance parties stand at 39.5 percent.
Individually, Social Democrats had 34.1 percent, while the Conservatives Moderates fell back marginally to 26.2 per cent.
The Centre Party is just below the threshold of parliamentary accession with 3.9 percent.
For the far rights, Sweden Democrats, and the People party gained the following respective unchanged support at 9.0 and 5.4 percent.
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