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Swedish far right party leader fears possible loss of influence as the social democrats looks to dominate while others falter

Saturday, 24 August 2013
Leader of the Sweden Democrats (SD) Jimmie Akesson is concerned about the persistent poor performance of the smaller Swedish political parties, Christian Democrats and the Centre Party as their poll numbers remain unconvincing. He fears that of the Social Democrats forms a majority government, his party's influence will die away.
"There is a risk that we may have Social Democratic majority government as two bourgeois parties are falling out. As such, we'll get no influence at all, "said Åkesson to Swedish news agency, TT in his annual summer talk in Sölvesborg on Saturday.Sweden Democrats supporters

For super the election year 2014, the party is investing between Skr40 and Skr60 million on strengthening its balance of power position in the Swedish parliament.
"Judging by the looks of this legislature, we will not have any free influence. We need to be so large that we cannot be ignored, "he says.
One of the topics for Åkesson's speech is the party's support for the forth-coming fifth tax credit, a tax cut which the government want to use a tool to claw back some support which is already moving to the Socials parties.

The question is will that be enough for the far rights given that the party's strongest stance has been presenting the difference between native Swedes and the immigrants and believing that taking Sweden back to the 1930s when the Nazis ruled is the best way to modernise Sweden.

As such, some weak thinking Swedes have joined the ban wagon in the hate and anti immigration crusade that brought the party to political importance into the Swedish parliament, thus stamping Sweden on the map as one of the countries that implicitly endorses racism.

Even though Swedish voters are looking for parties that promise them policies that would strengthen community cohesion, investments, jobs and economic growth, business development and improved welfare, the question again continues that where does the Sweden Democrats stand on these issues. How are they hoping to create jobs if Sweden is to be isolated from the EU and the rest of the world given that Sweden must export or die?
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