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Swedish Politics: Swedish Workers' Union, LO craves the Left party in government

Sunday, 06 October 2013
Should the Social Democrats lead a new Swedish coalition government after the next forth-coming election, the Swedish workers union, LO craves to see the very left leaning - Communist-facing party in government.
The history of the communists or the modern Swedish brand of communist idealism -  that which create a better workers' right, largely driven by the Left party is one of the main drivers for this call.leader of teh Left partyLeader of teh Left Party, Jonas Sjostesdt/ Granscole
The workers Union feels that the left party has a better idea on how to improve worker's conditions in Sweden and openly shown their interest in that by saying that the Social Democrats who will emerge the largest party after the next election, should they win, to invite the Left party into government.

This comes from the leaders of six of the eleven LO districts, according to a round of telephone calls made by the Swedish daily, Svenska Dagbladet (SvD).

The majority of LO district heads and members are sceptical about the Green Party, which they would be getting into coalition with. They feel that the Greens are to leftist radicals and could destroy working rules just for the sake of environmental protection. Therefore, the Greens must be put to check and be moderated.
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