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Swedish Foreign Minister, Bildt really raged against Russia

Friday, 06 September 2013
The Swedish Prime Minister, Carl Bildt has reportedly raged against the Russian leadership where he used words like "Brutal pressure" and "economic warfare" to describe the way Russia in treating former Soviet republics that want to shift towards the west.
Carl Bildt
He took a swipe at Russia accusing the former Soviet Union state of putting undue pressure on the former Soviet Republics that are now part of the EU's so-called "Eastern Partnership".

"This is brutal Russian pressure of a kind we have not seen in a long time in Europe, "said Bildt, according to Swedish news reports and which comes after Russia's actions to pressure Armenia, Moldova and Ukraine to rather join a Russian-led customs union, than to be members of Free trade association (FTA) with the EU.

"They do it in part just because the rest of the world's attention is now focused on Syria. This is why it is so important that it must be address now, "said Bildt before EU foreign ministers meeting in Lithuania, where the issue will be discussed, report Swedish media sources.
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