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Swedish Police getting ready to protect themselves against nationalists' revenge after various police raids

Wednesday, 07 August 2013
In Sweden the police forces around Eskilstuna, fear that nationalists forces could be getting ready for a revenge, attack on them. This come after police have been hitting hard on such grouping of recent time - especially the left far left attacking the far rights.
swedish police
File photo - Swedish police

Police in Mälardalen  have joined forces with the security police to build a wall against the nationalists for the past six months as the feeling of political violence is tipped to be move in that area.

Eskilstuna Police believe that a small group of left-wing extremists within the organization Revolutionary Front is behind attacks, targeting their opponents on the right.

Eskilstuna police according to radio Sweden have initiated the cooperation with the Swedish Security Police to look into violence which has been for too long persisted in the failed relationships between different factions in the country's political divide.

Attacks which police has in the past naively failed to identify that some of it was coming from the violent left-wing extremists in Mälardalen.

Political campaigning is beginning to build up and with the country still facing some crucial problems to be answered by politicians; dialogue could loose its force to violence.
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