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Swedish Central bank  Deputy Governor Sees Mixed Signals for Economy as the tiger economy continue to face changes

Thursday, 22 August 2013
What happened to the Nordic tiger economy, Sweden, has been increased debate of recent given that it was properly and confidently reported that Swedish economy withstood the depression better and has been performing well.
But has it, or its it now generally accepted that the tiger economy became tired and weekend. What happened and how is the biggest Scandinavian economy faring?swedish central bank

With more pressures from unemployment (which fell slightly to 7.2 percent from 9.1 percent on July,) and with more blames to the international market, the Swedish economy had fallen somewhat in the past quarters. Since public finances is trumpeted as great, the Prime Minister, in his summer talk, and promised more tax cuts in the coming months as an election promise that was made. He said that the time was right to honour that promise.

Probability due to this, one of the six interest rate setters at Sweden's central bank said economic indicators were sending conflicting messages as she considered her position ahead of a monetary policy meeting  set for early next month.

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Points to note here include

  • High unemployment - which is still 7.2 percent
  • Sky rocketing house prices which is growing faster that earnings
  • Inflation which stand at 0.1 percent

And others that could be seen on SCB website
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