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Reaction to Obama speech to delay Syrian strike in Denmark

Sunday, 01 September 2013
Obama's speech on Syria on Saturday has prompted many reactions in Denmark, one of the only Scandinavian country ready to back the USA in any forms it its campaign in Syria. According various write-ups in the Danish press, Obama is perceived from one corner as brave and the other as weak.

President Obama has shown that despite all the talks he is more of a real democratic reformer and not a warmonger as some opponents are describing him. Probably the mistake he made was to call for a red line, as he cannot act on it due to the public negative perception of any war in the Middle East.

Therefore, as Denmark which promised to support the USA  in any manner in Syria    and now with Obama calling for Congress  to give him a the leeway, chances are that there would likely be no strike on Syria as the Republic would love to humiliate Obama by making him look weak in international relations.
Strike on Syria
Danish Foreign Minister, Villy Søvndal supports Obama's decision, even though it will delay the military intervention in Syria.
"I have respect for Obama's decision to consult with Congress on the issue of armed intervention in Syria. It is so important that a question as to use military means against another country…, it is important to conduct thorough explorations and ensure support," said Sovndal.

The foreign affairs spokesman for the Liberal party,  Søren Pind is, however, sceptical of Obama's plan to ask Congress. He is afraid that it will weaken the president, and that military intervention will be delayed and have limited impact.

The inclusion of Congress by President Obama carries too high a risk that nothing will happen. He should stand by the words that there was a red line that was violated, and that the USA should respond. All facts about poison attack are clear, and he has the power to make that decision. Now his presidential power might be weaken," said Søren Pind to the Danish Daily Politiken.

Syria's president, Bashar al-Assad on Sunday responded to Obama's speech. He says in an interview with Syrian state television that Syria is ready to defend itself against a military confrontation with the United States.

"The U.S. threats to launch an attack against Syria will not frighten Syria away from its principles. Or its fight against terrorism, supported by Western countries, primarily the United States," said Bashar al-Assad to Syrian state television.
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