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Protesters waiting for Obama in Stockholm next week…

Tuesday, 13 August 2013
It would have been a surprise should US president, Barack Obama's visit to Sweden would have passed quietly without protests. As expected, four organizations have applied for permits to demonstrate on his Stockholm visit day next month.

Being a free and democratic country, Sweden welcomes constructive demonstration as such organisations including The Pirate Party, the Communist Party in Stockholm and Iraq Solidarity Association according to media reports are those in pole position to gain rights to demonstrate.Obama
The Communist Party is planning a protest march that will continue from Sergels Torg to the American Embassy. The fourth organization, the Socialist Justice Party (Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna), has submitted an application to move from Medborgarplatsen to Mynttorget.

"We can change later on and instead march to the embassy. We want to go along with others who are demonstrating against the role that the U.S. plays in the world, and Obama as a symbol of imperialism," says Per-Åke Westerlund from the Socialist Justice Party to Swedish news agency TT.

In the mean time, a man in Sweden has made a legal complaint to the Swedish police  about  Barack Obama for crimes against humanity. He feels that the visit of the resident is a great opportunity to question him on those charges.

President Obama is being accused at home in America for being weak in foreign policy as he continues to scale down Americans involvements in foreign politics. Abroad, such as in Sweden some are accusing him of being a warmonger and a colonialist and are willing to have the chance to question him on what they described as war crimes.  

However, according to radio Sweden, many people in Sweden are happy for the visit, as it will strengthen the strong Swedish - American relations and any thought of anyone having the chance to question the president for any war crimes living in a fantasy world. One official said it is impossible for any layman to stray towards the president.
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