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President Obama stressed that the world called on red line on chemical weapons not him

Wednesday, 04 September 2013
US President Barack Obama visiting Sweden said Wednesday that the red line he outlined last year regarding Syria's use of chemical weapons came from international treaties and past congressional action, and now it is time for the international community to make sure that the red lines is respected.

Obama in Sweden
"We must act," said U.S. President Barack Obama on the war in Syria, during the joint press conference held together with Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt in Rosenbadsgatan, which we transmitted on Scandinavian Companies and Market live.

But the Swedish Prime minister was very careful and did not support Obama in that call per se. Even though the President spoke clearly about  Syria at the press conference, Fredrik Reinfeldt,  made it clear that Sweden will not support the president of he decide to act on his own within passing through the UN.

Reinfeldt said that he could understand the U.S. President's dilemma but made it looked like Sweden was happy collecting the refugees and would not support the US. Reinfeldt used the small country's analogy  that we must act within the UN framework although another small country next door, Denmark is ready to support the USA in any way.

Full press conference

So in plain language, Reinfeldt said that he did not support Obama's project to now go outside the United Nations to punish Syria, something that president had probably not expected either.

Obama said that the USA is often criticised but when ever there is a crisis people are asking where is the USA. He said it is easy that he could ignore the whole issue but questioned the moral aspect of fighting against those who violate international standards.

The Swedish government did not address the issue of America's huge interception and monitoring but Obama was asked a question at the press conference by a journalist from the Swedish news agency TT.

His response was relatively humble, albeit solid substance. He pointed that materials needed were for the fight against terrorism and that personal data was not examined.
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