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One typical characteristic of the Conservative movement: Greed - Here in Norway an example just emerged

Friday, 09 August 2013
How a Filthy rich Norwegian tax refugee donates to the Right wing of the Norwegian political establishment. Question: Why is it so common with political parties of the right? Suggested answer: - because they have the character to be greedy and look down upon those who are less wealthy.

It is common in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, UK, USA, just to name these how the conservative right wing side of our political divides always feel that they have something to loose if they stop protecting the political segment that will guarantee that their wealth will be protected and even topped. This happens even if they used our collective efforts to generate that wealth.

For example, all of us worked to build roads, schools, the communication network and consumed the products which your organisation produced and sold  or worked to help you grow your business. Now you are a millionaire or billionaire, it is your money and the government must protect you from paying an extra tax on it.
tax haven
In the UK, for example recently studies have shown how people have become very self centred and how the wealthy have tended to carve out places where they protect their wealth. The government here has given tax cuts to those on the wealthy list why killing the low-income earners with huge tax burden. Besides that people have become more about things like "my tax money should not be spent on single mothers…the unemployed… disable people etc." Others are being forced to pay extra taxes on bedrooms. The issue here is that the government in office in a Conservative government - although they say they are in coalition….

In Sweden the tradition view that poor and vulnerable were protected has collapsed as income gap has widen in the country and the Conservative government has made it hard for social mobility to take place. Hospitals, schools, and many social welfare services have been privatised and those companies that run these paid by tax payers transfer their gains abroad instead of re-investing it at home and expand job creation. Services in these welfare organisations such as hospitals have crumbled - welfare homes for the elderly have seen their services dilapidated.

In the USA of all places, the Democratic (liberal) Obama administration has found it hard to perform any of the real reforms expected  because the Republicans (conservatives) would not allow him to take a step with out his idea being shot down. One typical example is that the Republican's wish to break down the Obama care or the healthcare system passed by the president. Since the new healthcare system makes it possible for more people to gain access to healthcare and for pharmaceuticals to reduce their costs, Republican politicians with strong stake in the huge market are not happy to see their interest being eroded for the interest of the people.  Norwegians

Now back to Norway, the businessman Arne Fredly, in 2001 moved to Monaco and has no longer been paying taxes to Norway. He is now feeling home sick and wants to come back home but would feel happier if the Conservatives where back in office so that they could give him more concessions and protect his huge wealth. One way of doing this is to contribute to that party so that they have more funds to win the next elections.

This is exactly what businessman, Arne Fredly is doing - contributing to the Conservative Party's election campaign. - Problematic, many Norwegians think but not the Right wing side of the political divide.

The investor and billionaire made no secret of the fact that it was the Norwegian tax system that led him in 2001 moved to Monaco. Fredly is accounted to be worth Nkr1.6 billion, and has given the right wing side Nkr100,000 for this year's election campaign various Norwegian news papers write.

"We checked that he was a Norwegian citizen, and that his contribution was in line with the Political Parties Act. But beyond that we do not accept the constraints related to the gifts we receive, we do not have conditions of entry," says the Conservative Party General Secretary, Lars Arne Ryssdal according to media reports.

He believes it is not problematic that the party gets money from Fredly and the party law entitles him to it. It states that Norwegian parties cannot receive financial support from foreign companies or nationals, but that it is legal to receive money from Norwegians living abroad - including tax refugees.

Nevertheless despite reactions, the Conservatives are fine with that and accept the gifts of money from tax havens.
"There should be direct embarrassment for any party to be funded by tax refugees," says Sigrid Jacobsen, Director of the Tax Justice Network.
Her view is supported by Professor Oddbjørn Knutsen from the Department of Political Science at the University of Oslo.
"It is of course problematic, and it is clear that the recipient may have problems with credibility if the donor in not resident in the country and contribute financially to the community here," said Knutsen

That is the conservatives and that is how they behave all over the place.
By Scancomark.com Team

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