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Obama is coming - as the US president on his way to Sweden, program released

Friday, 30 August 2013
The US president, Barack Obama, is on his way to Sweden  and the Swedish government has officially presented the program of activities the president will engage in here - in Stockholm from the 4 to 5 September.

There will be talks about negotiations for a free trade agreement between the EU and the U.S. and also climate change policy talks, as well as the president making a visit to Stockholm synagogue to mark the Raoul Wallenberg's efforts.

In addition to Obama, who recently presented a new U.S. climate plan, will talk about climate and energy issues with Sweden's premier Frederick Reinfeldt. Climate and Energy is also the theme of a planned visit where Obama will see Swedish cutting edge technology in the field.
Obama- US president
Toward the evening he will be connected with head of governments of Denmark, Norway and Iceland and the president of Finland for a working dinner. One of the topics of conversation is expected to be operation in Afghanistan.

One vital highlight of the president's visit is the  trip to the Jewish synagogue in Stockholm. This comes after the President's special envoy against anti-Semitism visited Malmö, southern Sweden  in April 2012, which had an account of the Jews' vulnerability there. An Obama visit to the Synagogue of Stockholm can be seen as support for Swedish Jews, according to Lena Posner-Körösi, president of the Jewish community.
" this would be a welcome boost to the Jewish community and especially in Malmö, which has strong connection to Raoul Wallenberg," she said

Before Obama leaves for the G20 meeting in Saint Petersburg on Thursday, he'll also have time to meet the Swedish royal couple.

Stockholm will seem besieged between 4 to 5 September. Parts of the inner city is expected to be completely closed to traffic. The main roads to and from the airport are also to be affected. The disruptions is expected to be significant. Even public transport, air traffic and some boat traffic will be affected, announces Stockholm city authority.

The gateway to Stockholm, the Arlanda airport announced of the visit of the President that September 4-5 may affect other travel at the airport. It says there may be temporary stops in road traffic, at the airport entrance and on Road E4 between the airport and Stockholm, which means travellers are called to allow a little extra time planning to travel on those days. There may also be temporary stops in air traffic.
Details of the president's visit would be reported here on Scandinavian companies and market as soon as we get.
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