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Obama is coming and Sweden is getting really prepared as never before

Wednesday, 28 August 2013
US president Barack Obama is coming to Sweden in September for an official visit and all is being done to make sure that the president's visit reflects what Sweden can give to the most powerful leader of the free world.

Security this time is a very strong issue - 2000 Special police officers have been called to beef up security in Stockholm in a week before the president gets here.

The 2000 Special police force is being assisted by sniffer dogs and helicopters patrolling and checking all the nukes and corners, sniffing all heaps or rags, tightening bolts, brightening dark corners with very bright lights so that any thing that moves or smell funny, will be seen or scented.
President Obama of the USA
The visit is being described here as historic presidential visit given that Sweden has not yet received a full US present for a long time. On  Wednesday an advance team from the United States will be landing in Stockholm.

At first glance, probably many perceive Sweden as a safe country for international visitors according to Olle Wästberg, former Swedish Consul General in New York. But America's security as early as a few weeks has been in  Stockholm doing enough another assessment, he believes.

"When they look at what has happened. A suicide bomb attack a few years ago and the two leading politicians murdered here, it probably makes me think that the Secret Service did not think that Sweden is a particularly safe country, says Wästberg to radio Sweden.

Already Stockholm residents may expect to find it hard to get around, especially in the area around Rosenbadsgatan, the Castle and the Old Town between 4th and 5th September. These areas will be shaded from the public.

No parking and restrictive barriers will also be introduced to some of the city's streets and it has already being said that it might be hard to get a glimpse of the president.

For safety reasons, it is said that it would be difficult to get a glimpse of Mr. Obama though  it is believed that there may be plans for the president to meet a selected group of people such as his favourites - students.

One thing that will see the full force of the law would be anything related to rioting. The Swedish police are ready to crush any form of rioting in ways that would be described as un-Swedish but demonstration would be welcomed and directed to particular areas of the city.

A government official speaking on Swedish television on Wednesday morning said: "there is always a call for such a thing (demonstrations), and even though Barack Obama may not be as popular today as he was when he was elected, there was the very positive feelings for him in Sweden, and I think it will be still be as dominant in his visit."
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