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US President, Barack Obama has left Sweden after a two days visit - a visit described as very productive

Thursday, 05 September 2013
US president Barack Obama's Air Force One took off not long ago from Swedish soil after visiting the Swedish  Royal couple as part of his two say visit program.

Just before 11 o'clock, Swedish time, he was on his plane heading to the tension packed G20 summit in St Petersburg, Russia, which will be dominated, instead of economic growth, job creation  and prosperity of mankind, but to the crisis in Syria.

Media reports about the visit to the Swedish  Royal Couple say it was short, they met in a relaxed environment and shook hands for the cameras before disappearing in to Princess Sibylla's apartments for chats.
US president Barack Obama leaving SwedenUS president Barack Obama leaving Sweden after a two days visit /Scancomark.com
After about 20 minutes, they emerged again, exchanged a few pleasantries, and thanked each other, before the assembled press and he left castle. What might they have been talking inside the castle? "They might have been talking about the 375-year anniversary of the Swedish colonies in America and perhaps also a lot about the climate change issues, because it's one of the Swedish king's special areas," says Swedish television's reported, Anders Lindqvis, who was there at the castle and who contributed to the report on the channel.

The president now heads to St. Petersburg for the G20 summit where the hottest topic now is how to disciplines Syria for gassing its own people with weapon of mass destruction even though more that 2 million of its people is displaced and living as refugees in neighbouring countries. This comes also after the US senate votes to support the president if he decides to strike (bomb) hard on Syria.

As the president leave Sweden, media reports here hold that almost all the meetings the president had were a little longer than planned and that said something about the visit as a whole. It means that the meeting has been good according to media sources.
US president Barack Obama leaving Sweden after a two days visit /Scancomark.com
US president Barack Obama leaving Sweden after a two days visit /Scancomark.com
Some of the drivers of this success have been a fantastic weather in Sweden at this time of the year, a great climate in the various deliberations compared to the past and the fact that most of the leaders and most of Sweden still like the American president.

The president has been on the side of Sweden in many of the key issues Sweden values such as climate policies and energy.

Also the establishment of the Nordic alliance with all the heads of government of the Nordic countries to collaborate and dialogue with the USA yearly about core issues, thanks to the presence of the president of the Unites States is also seen as a great triumph of the visit. 

Pro - American-Swedish foreign minister, Carl Bildt, has been the most happy about the visit.

US president Barack Obama leaving Sweden after a two days visit /Scancomark.comUS president Barack Obama leaving Sweden after a two days visit /Scancomark.com
"It is a historic day in the Swedish-American relations. We've never had an American president here before. But it is also important that the U.S. take a greater interest in our part of the world. The meeting with the Nordic leaders last night, meeting with the three Baltic presidents last Friday are all signs. So there is no doubt that we are in a part of the world that is seen as interesting, exciting and partly successful," said Bildt to Swedish television.

Environment Minister Lena Ek, was one of the ministers who saw the president off at the airport, thinks Obama's visit means a lot.
"It shows the influence of Sweden, as a small country. As Environment Minister, I am obviously very happy that the environment and climate has been one of the main themes here," she said.
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