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More scandals emerge at Swedish Employment Service adding to headache for the government

Monday, 26 August 2013
The Swedish government would really wish that things remained calm now up until the next elections, especially from the organisation that supposed to assist people get into work. But there are fears that the oppositions is being fed with more ammunitions to attack the government when it emerged that there has been strong conflict of interest operating within the Swedish jobs centre (Arbetsformedlingen).

 Image/ Christina Johansson of Arbetsformedlingen in hot waters

As more people are struggling to find work, the government will defend itself or answer to questions as to why the Employment Service Chair person, Christina Johansson (Moderate Party, pictured) is a managing director of a training company that has received more that Skr369,000 of government grants, more than another firm providing job market training fir job seekers . In addition, her company, Rinman Education, designed to take assignments from the Employment Service has what connection with the boss of government job centre.

Just as one boss left the organisation on Sunday blamed on incompetence and lost of confidence, another one has just been exposed as using the organisation for her own personal gains. This thus throws more light on the strength of 'grab and go' and how rife it is in the organisation that has been criticised for not helping jobs seekers get jobs.

Swedish authorities, have asked that Rinman Education to pay back Skr369,000 in state financing after it emerged that the education firm  misstated the number of course student enrolled in an industrial design programme pursued under its auspices.

The decision to recover state aid was taken by the National Agency for Higher Vocational Education last week. Rinman Education and Christina Johansson, confirmed the errors and have ordered to repay the money within a month.
Christina Johansson would not respond to questions posed by the Swedish news agency, TT about how appropriate it is that she sat on two chairs at once.
According Rinman Education's annual report, the company gets most of its work for from the Employment Service.
After failing to answer questions posed by the news agency TT, Christina Johansson in a short text response informed the news agency TT that the company she runs, Rinman Education, had not taken contracts from the Employment Agency since she took over as chair.
Rinman Education is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rinman Foundation, which 46 percent is owned by Hällefors. Christina Johansson is also vice chairperson of Hellefors City Council.
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