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Economic aid resources used to pay former minister Gunilla Carlsson's salary

Tuesday, 24 September 2013
Fomer Minister for International Development Cooperation,  Gunilla Carlsson who served from 2006 to 2013, and who was retrenched from the government  last week is reported to have been having her pay from  the economic aid budget.
A week ago, Gunilla Carlsson left the government and today, radio Sweden could reveal that her salary and that of her State Secretary salary for four years, was funded with economic aid money. That has to do with some Skr20 million, according to reports from radio Sweden.

Gunilla Carlsson
Gunilla Carlsson, Wikipedia
It looks strange and would be misrepresented in accounting information, in which, the perception will stand that Sweden spends a given amount of resources to fight poverty in the developing and troubled economies. In reality, it stand that economic aid resources are instead consumed at home and acts as a smoke screen for the government to plug its own budget deficiencies.

That a minister's salary is taken out of economic aid budget has never been done before, especially from money designed to fight poverty in developing countries.

Foreign Minister Carl Bildt says that there is nothing strange to Gunilla Carlsson's salary being funded from economic aid funds. It has to do with a few cost items that count against the aid budget, according to him.

The decision to use money from the economic budget to pay her came in 2009, when the Swedish foreign office looked at ways to reduce the spending within the budget of the department, the minister, then thought that he could place the minister and her secretary into the economic aid budget.

Gunilla Carlsson's salary was Skr121 000 per month, her secretary of state salary is Skr91,800 per month. Since January, this year their wages were no longer paid with aid money, though
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