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Danish experts are agreeing that Denmark went to war in Afghanistan to placate the U.S.

Friday,09 August 2013
Danish participation in the Afghanistan War was more about Denmark nurturing international relations with the USA and capturing the interest of its allies than fight for the Afghan people, various Danish military experts say.

When Denmark sent troops to Afghanistan, the main reason sold t the Danish people was that Denmark would protect the Afghan people from the hard line Muslims that was running the country then and check the source of terror. It turns out, according to a documentary that instead Denmark went into war to build and improve on its international relation.Danish army
Danish Army (Scancomark.com)
In fact, the main reason why Denmark went into Afghanistan in 2002, according to two military experts in a documentary aired Danish radio and television was that...
"Afghanistan was never about Afghanistan. When Denmark sent troops to Afghanistan, it was because we wanted that they kept picking up the phone in Washington, when we called them. And what we could do for the people, was subordinate in the context," says Peter Viggo Jakobsen, an associate professor at the Danish Defence College in a Danish Radio and TV documentary about the war of Afghanistan, broadcasted on Thursday night.

According to the researcher, Denmark went in for the sake of the Americans. He is supported by Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen, professor and director of the centre for military studies at the University of Copenhagen.
"If you go into the State Department and ask a random person you meet in the hallway, s/he will say that we were there for the sake of American."Danish F15
"Now they love us in Washington," he added and continued that although it may not be in discussion among the Danish people.
In contrast, a victory on the diplomatic level is difficult to replicate to the care given to the Danes who lost loved ones or those who were injured in the war.
"Now we are in a precarious situation that we have won anything in our relationship with our allies, but we have not won on the battlefield. And how do you sell it so that it all becomes a victory? Asks Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen, and continues:
"Can you really be so cynical to say that it is a victory  - that we have achieved something in our relationship with our allies, but what then happened in Afghanistan, does not matter any longer".

The war in Afghanistan killed 43 Danes, more than 200 were injured and the bill for the Danish tax payers for the war to over Dkr11 billion.
by Scancomark.com Team

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