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Danish Opposition parties critical of reshufflement and calls it a danger to Denmark

Friday, 09 August 2013
Danish opposition parties are fall over each other to be critical at the prime minister,  Helle Thorning-Schmidt's first real cabinet reshuffle.

New Danish governement
The Conservative chairman Lars Barfoed woken up this morning worried. Frowning he thinks that the Prime Minister's cabinet reshuffle is a  danger to Denmark, saying "It's a left turn by the government - and I am deeply concerned on the country's behalf," says Lars Barfoed. He refers in particularly the Socialist people's party's President Annette Vilhelmsen who has now been called into the post of integration and Social Security.
Others are arguing that the government reshuffle is both small and inconsequential.
"Instead of coming up with something politically savvy,  Helle Thorning-Schmidt made the least possible cabinet reshuffle. I do not think it's going to mean something to the Danish daily life," says Liberal politician Kristian Jensen.

Reshuffling of Danish government comes the Danish government has come under intense criticism at the way the economy is being handled. Unemployment continues to bring headache to the government, something which the press has told the prime minister to come up with better words to described the state of the Danish economic situation rather using the word "crisis" all the time. "The Prime Minister must tone down words like crisis, balance of payments, and spending, if she is to get the Danes to listen," was the works on radio television analysts. It was said instead that, she and the government should come up with answers to the problems of  integration, health and the aging population.

Other sections of the critical establishment argue that Government reshufflement is a reality that several ministers move around between ministries, and then there's a new man at the ministerial team. But with the fall of the rating of the government, the question is how can two new ministers help improve government that is considered failing remain question being asked on the streets in Copenhagen. 
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