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Bush had nothing to do with Rasmussen's NATO appointment

Friday, 02 August 2013
The story widely about how the Danish head of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen got his NATO job has now receiving a reply from the diplomat Damon Wilson reported to have been the sources of the story in the first place.

The U.S. diplomat Damon Wilson who was quoted as the sources of the information relating to how the Danish head of NATO,  Anders Fogh Rasmussen got the job has now countered  and argued that the story which was widely reported earlier  this week was false.Head of NATO
Image: Granscole/ Danish head of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen  in Sweden recently
According to the reports which first appeared on the Danish paper Politken on Monday, which we also reported on this network, had appeared that former President George W. Bush intervened in the process and pressured his successor, Barack Obama, to support Fogh Rasmussen's candidacy for the top job as NATO boss. Allegedly, it was done as a thank you for Denmark's loyal participation in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Nevertheless, Wilson, who was close to the process as a key advisor in the White House under Bush and who was the main source of the story,  believes that his statements were interpreted incorrectly.

"I did not say that the Bush administration pushed the incoming administration to reward Rasmussen as compensation for Denmark's role in the Iraq and Afghanistan or interfered in Nato's selection process," he writes in an open letter to Politiken, according to media reports in Denmark.

"Anders Fogh Rasmussen was - and still is - a widely respected  and high value leader … He was a natural and compelling choice to lead the alliance, and the idea of his candidacy enjoyed the support of a broad political and diplomatic spectrum," he adds according to reports.

Damon Wilson, who is now deputy director of the think tank Atlantic Council in Washington, is also said according to Politiken to have said that Fogh Rasmusson had explicitly asked Bush's help during a meeting at the former president's ranch in Texas in March 2008.

Damon countered here via his letter  that "Fogh did not bring up the subject himself," writes Wilson.
On the whole, Politiken maintains its side of the history, but  made a correction with reference of the latter in its Friday issue and writes that Wilson has only said that the topic came up at the meeting.
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