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Which are the safest cars according to Swedish crash test? Is Volvo still safest in crashes?

Tuesday, 03 September 2013
Toyota Starlet has emerged as the worst car by far according to Swedish latest crash test, while the safest cars are Volvo S60/V60 and V70/S80. These cars provide 59 percent more protection than the average car in a crash between two cars.

This is the result conclusion presented by the insurance group, Folksam after a study of crash safety in 238 car models. These safe Volvos relates to the V70/S80 from 2007 onwards, and S60/V60 from 2010 onwards.

Volvo receives an unusually clear victory in the test and pinch third place with older models of the Volvo V70, S80 and S60. They have 46 percent more protection than the average car.
Image: Swedish television

Second is Honda CRV of the years 1998-2006, which provides 47 percent more protection.
By far the worst in the test emerged to be the Toyota Starlet Model for 1997-98, which cover an entire 288 percent worse than the average car.
This thus throw some more light to the view that larger cars often provide better protection in a crashes than smaller ones. Old small cars are generally the ones that perform worst in the test and exhibits that there a huge differences between old and new cars.

There've been such a huge development over the years and we look at cars from the early 80's and compare them to the current situation. The result is that the risk of death decreased by 80-90 percent and the risk of debilitating injuries have halved, according to Anders Kullgren, head of research at Folksam.
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Best  and Worst cars according to Folksam crash test
The safest cars according to Swedish crash test: The dangerous cars according to Swedish crash tests
  • Volvo V70/S80 07 - and S60/V60 10 -
  • Honda CRV 98-06
  • Volvo V70 00-06, 98-06 S80 and S60 00-09
  • BMW 5 Series 04-09
  • Audi A4 01-07
  • Toyota Starlet 97-98
  • Peugeot 405 88-96
  • Honda Accord 86-93
  • Peugeot 309 87-93
  • Toyota Previa 91-99

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