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Where can one get a job in Sweden which skills are in demand

Thursday, 27 June 2013
Jobs are pretty scare in Sweden today but that depends on which training one had gained.
This means there are areas with increase demand for labour and there are those where skills are over supplied. The following list is an excerpt from the Swedish employment authority, which shows areas where there are increased skills and those that skills are in short supply.

If you are a job seeker and sees your skills within the areas of skill shortages then it is possible that you quickly pack up a job here.

Occupations with skill shortages -easy to get a jobs

Skills over supplied in the job market - hard to get a job

• Information technology operatives requiring at least a degree

• Engineers / technicians in the mining  sector

• Doctors

• Chefs with good reputation or specialist knowledge

• Civil engineers electrical / electronics and telecommunications

• Preschool teachers

• Civil engineers / engineers in building and construction

• Truck Mechanic

• Advanced level trained nurses

• Soldiers


• Journalists

• Nannies

• Caretaker

• Administrators and secretaries

• Photographers

• Nursing assistants

• communication officer

• Warehouse Worker

• Dealer grocery / food stores

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