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The Swedish central bank introduces new coins

Tuesday, 11 September 2012
The central bank, the Riksbank on Tuesday, presents the future coins that will soon go into circulation. According to the plan, a copper coin will today replace the silver krona coin.

The Rikssbank point that it is important that cash payments function smoothly and that cash management is efficient. The new coins will be lighter and smaller than the present coins. This will allow transport and purchasing costs to be cut and the environmental impact of manufacture and handling to be reduced.

The 2-krona coin will return as part of the new coin series. Today there is a gap between the 1-krona coin and the 5-krona coin. The 2-krona coin will reduce the need for the 1-krona coin, and the number of coins in people's wallets and in the retail trade is thus also expected to be reduced. The Riksbank has not issued any 2-krona coins since 1971.
By Team / Source Riksbank
The new coins ======> Source Riksbank

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