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The Nordic countries not investing as expected in the tourist sector despite increased prospects 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013
Investments in tourism in the Nordic countries, such as hotels and ski facilities, in decreasing when at the same time travels and the number of tourists to the region is on the increase.

According to the Nordic Tourism Investment Index for 2012, in Denmark, there has been nearly halved in the investments in such sectors and in Sweden there has been a decrease of 21 percent. Only in Norway has there somewhat increase in touristic resorts and components. Swedish touristic treasure
Swedish touristic treasure /Granscole
"We can confirm that there is the probability that such investment will fall further in 2013," says Jan Lundin, CEO of Travel and Tourism Industry in Sweden, in a press release.

Investment in hotels in the Nordic countries fell by 25 percent in 2012 compared with the year before. Although investment in ski facilities decreases, the levels in Sweden have remained unchanged at €29 million.
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