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Swedish house prices remain stable across the country

Tuesday, 15 May 2012
The Swedish house prices remain stable and it looks like the housing market is clam despite gloomy economic outlook. Villa prices went up by over one percent in April, while condominium prices remained stable, according to Value Gard, a real-estate organisation.

House prices recovered at the beginning of the year and now almost all of last year's declines have been regained. In April, the Swedish house prises rose with an average of 1.1 percent, according to Value Gard’s overall house price index HOX Sweden. Villa prices increased by 1.4 percent, whereas house prices basically remained unchanged at 0.3 percent.

In three months, both villa and house prices have risen by over 3 percent. Villa prices are now two percent higher than they were a year ago, while ordinary house prices are 1.5 percent lower, according to ValueGard.

Value Gard figures differ somewhat from Statistic Sweden’s house barometer that was presented last week and indicated declining house prices overall. A key reason for the difference, except that the measurement methods are different, is that Statistic Sweden’s numbers lag behind about two months (sometimes even more).

In Stockholm and Malmö, villa prices rose in April, while in principle they stood still in Gothenburg. In Malmö, prices rose by 5.8 percent over the past three months. All major cities have lower prices for ordinary houses today than a year ago, according to Value Gard.

Condominium prices remained stable in Stockholm in April, while they rose by about 1 percent in Malmo and Gothenburg. In Gothenburg, prices rose by 4.4 percent in the last three months, according to Value Gard.
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