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Swedish export managers see reason to be hopeful and Europe continues to look brightened

Monday, 26 August 2013
Swedish Export Manager has a view that Swedish exports would improve during the third quarter. Export Manager Index (EMI) rose to 56.5 from 51.6 the previous quarter, a situation be cautiously happy about.

This update comes from the data presented by the organisation Business Sweden on Monday, based on a survey conducted during the period August 6 to 20 in which 225 companies export managers in both large and smaller companies are asked to assess their export sales, market demand and margins in the last and the next three months.
Swedish exports
A value of 50 means that there are more people who believe in strengthening of the export market than weakening, and a number below is a vice versa. Also Business Sweden's Export Manager's Index (EMI) is a quarterly index measuring the temperature of the export industry.

Currently the index rose to 50.9 from 43.6 the previous quarter. The forward-looking index rose to 62.1 from 59.6, according to reports.

Gozzo, chief economist at Business Sweden, said at a press briefing that it is the highest level since May 2011. There is not much difference between the different sizes of companies. Historically, the last few years, smaller companies have been higher, but now they are close together.

While there is the view that companies are very unsatisfied with regard order books, which a factor is weighing on the index, they have the capacity to sell more, but it's still very clear that companies are selling better.

Furthermore, there is the view that companies in Western Europe are beginning to face some improvement compared to how the situation has been before. At this moment, there is a preponderance of more positive than negative businesses feelings for Western Europe, which is a trend reversal.
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