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Swedish Labour costs are rising also as unemployment continues to remain high

Friday, 30 August 2013
The Swedish Labour Cost Index (AKI) for the private sector in June 2013 was 112.6 for wage - earners and 112.9 for salaried employees. Compared to June 2012, labour costs have increased by 2.4 percent for wage - earners and 2.5 percent for salaried employees.

sweden labour cost
According to Statistics Sweden, the Swedish total labour costs include pay for hours worked, pay for hours not worked, other cash payments and payments in kind, costs for additional pension benefits, other collective fees, contributions to the health insurance schemes, contributions to the national basic supplementary pension schemes, sick pay, and a special payroll tax.

On the other side, the Swedish unemployment continues to struggle and remain very high at 7.2 percent.
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