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Swedish Chief financial officers getting more optimistic about the future economic outlook

Wednesday, 06 March 2013
Swedish corporate financial chiefs have become more optimistic about the economic situation and the outlook of the future.

In the latest Deloittte/SEB CFO Survey there are visible signs of returning confidence in a stabilising but still-challenging business climate. Several key indicators are now pointing upward after companies made adjustments to the weaker economy, writes SEB in a press release.

Overall, the Deloitte/SEB CFO index comes in at 49.5, slightly up from 48.3 in the last survey in September 2012. Also according to Sweden-based CFOs, the appetite for mergers & acquisitions looks somewhat improved.
The Swedish krona is expected to strengthen this year, but perhaps to the detriment of exporters. Financial risk is less of an issue, according to surveyed participants, but defensive strategies to reduce debt remain on top of the agenda, writes SEB.

Positive stock market sentiment may spur confidence in deal-making. while the corporate bond market looks poised to continue its growth. There are signs of stabilising employment expectations and less emphasis on staff cuts in the next six months. Weakening demand was deemed as the biggest threat on the horizon, the study show.
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