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Sweden's unemployment leaps

Monday, 19 August 2013
Swedish unemployment rose in week 33 with 1728 people compared with the previous week thus leading the unemployed to 226,806 able bodied people seeking work and cannot find one.

According to the Swedish Employment Service, the number of unemployed persons for that week increased by 5,565 people compared with the same week a year earlier.swedish joj seeker

The number of applicants in programs with activity support increased by 1190 to 174,151 persons, which is 9,041 more than last year. The number of job seekers who have been working with tax payers support rose from 19 to 89,351 people, which is 7,231 more than last year.

The number of applicants who received employment rose by 3,075 over the previous week to 12,061.
The number of job vacancies advertise in the job centre data bases increased by 2,102 items to 12,427 over the previous week. Team

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