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Quick facts - Sweden

  • Unemployment - 9.1 percent (June 2013)
  • Population - 9.5 million (31 May 2013)
  • Inflation - - 0.1 percent
  • National account GDP - 1.7 Percent (1st Quarter 2013 compared to 1st Quarter 2012)

Source and further information from Statistic Sweden


Sweden's Producer and import prices increased in June

Friday, 26 July 2013
Swedish import prices from May to June, increased 1.3 percent and export prices also increased 1.0 percent. The producer prices in total increased 0.4 percent during the same period. On the domestic market prices decreased 0.1 percent.
Statistic Sweden (SCB) report that a higher price on crude oil contributed foremost to the increase in import prices. On the export market, higher prices for machinery and equipment contributed to the upturn. A seasonally normal decrease in prices for district heating contributed to the downturn on the domestic market.

Prices for domestic supply, that is, domestic and import markets together, increased 0.5 percent from May to June.
Compared to June last year, producer and import prices are still low. Producer prices in total have decreased 4.7 percent during the last twelve months. During the same period, prices have decreased 7.7 percent on the export market, 5.2 percent on the import market and 1.2 percent on the domestic market. Prices for domestic supply have decreased 3.2 percent.
Source: Statistic Sweden

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