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Swedish bank, Swedbank sees brightening economic outlook in the "old" world

Tuesday, 27 August 2013
The downturn in the euro area is now levelling off and the U.S. economy look to picks up. The greatest risks not stand in the hand of the side of the emerging economies, particularly related to China.

improving economy means more money

Image/ Colombo, Sri Lanka, an example of an emerging economy

This is the view of the Swedish bank, Swedbank as it makes its economic prognostics and overview of their perception about how the global economy might look like in the future.

For them, the Swedish economy will benefit significantly if their trading partners are strengthened and also from an expansionary fiscal policy. However, there are still significant imbalances and structural challenges, especially related to the housing sector. The Swedish housing sectors still stand as an area where there in increased need for closer observation.

The Baltic economies continue to recover impressively. Latvia adopts the euro in 2014 and Lithuania is on track to join the EMU in 2015.
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