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Some segments of Swedish house prices see some fall

Tuesday, 17 December 2013
Prices of apartment or condos in Sweden rose 0.8 percent in November from the previous month, while prices for various forms of houses known here as villas fell 1.7 percent.

New data from the market analytic firm Valueguard, reports and also indicate that during the most recent three-month period, condominium prices as a whole rose 1.5 percent while house prices fell 2.6 percent.
In the last twelve months, house prices have risen 12.6 percent while that for villa prices have risen 4.1 percent.

Valueguard house price statistics based on data from various real estate organisations in Sweden such as Mäklarstatistik take into consideration the amount sold  among the for the various types of homes each month. The combined index for the whole of Sweden, HOX index, fell 0.8 percent in November from the previous month, which also saw a fall of 1.2 percent in the last three months.- But it rose 7.0 percent from the same month in 2012. Team

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