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Shoplifting and shop theft a stumbling bloc to Swedish retail business and the Swedish society as  shops loose billions in shoplifting

Wednesday, 28 August 2013
Thefts in Swedish stores/shops each year amounts to around Skr6 billion, according to an analysis made by the industry organizations, Handelns utredningsinstitut or in short, HUI-research on behave of business and employers organization, Svensk Handel (The Swedish Trade Federation).
Theft in swedish shopsImage/ Theft growth in Swedish shops - massive loose to the society

According to Swedish Trade Security specialist, Per Geijer, the losses traders incur because of theft and shoplifting eventually trickle down to consumers in the form of higher prices, report Swedish television.

Expensive jackets, makeup and meat are some of the products that attract the thieves more. These items are often stolen from Swedish the various Swedish stores that deal with them. In most cases, these goods can be resold thus diverting that revenue to someone else other than the stores.

The report stress that as Skr6 billion disappear out of the Swedish stores every year through theft and shoplifting,  and theft and shoplifting losses, hit households to the tones of some Skr1290 for every Swedish household.

This has been described as a pure economic loss in the society in the form of tax revenues and the losses that traders have naturally pass down to the consumer eventually in the form of higher prices, according to Per Geijer.

Per Geijer now thinks that the whole concept of shoplifting should be revamped so that shoplifting offenses are more often classed as theft. Because as it is now he does not think, either legislators or the police take the problem seriously.

"This is a crime, just the concept of shoplifting sends a signal that this offense is not very serious. It is very unfortunate," said Per Geijer to Swedish television
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