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Record number of homes for sale in Sweden

Monday, 30 April 2012
Spring has release more houses into the Swedish real estate market with many villas clogging the market right now. Report out yesterday show that a record number of homes for sale in the country are being advertised on a popular real estate site and majority is found in southern Swedish region of Skåne

On the popular home real estate site, Hemnet more than 17,000 homes for sales were advertised there last week. This is an increase of 53 percent compared to the average range in 2008-2010.

Due t various new rules for the sale of houses are up for sale for a longer time than before.
Skåne tops with a 3 447 houses during the week, followed by  Västra Götaland where supply was 2377 and three were stockholm with 1735 homes for sale.

Most difficult to get hold of a house is on the island of Gotland, but there still, 110 houses were still for sale there.

Statistics also show that the asking price is very high. To an extent this may be explained by the fact that the accepted prices that is the minimum price the seller can imagine will be negotiated down more that would have been in a booming market.
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