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Volvocar sales continue to race to the bottom - reports it weakest auto sales till date

Tuesday, 19 February 2013
Volvo Car Corporation just reported yesterday a review of its brands in a bid to revive the slumping sales the company is facing this moment. Otherwise known as facelift in design and improvement in some engines to conform with improve emission standard, sales of Volvo cars in Europe fell in January compared with the same month in the 2012, a decrease of some 16.8 percent.

Volvo car's market as a whole has a declined by 8.5 percent in January, this has could be seen in the summation of the market in  EU plus Switzerland, Norway and Iceland, compared with the year before.

In Europe alone, sales are the lowest ever recorded in January since records began in the 1990s
Of the largest markets in the EU, only the UK saw an increase in its vehicle sales in January, with 11.5 percent. For the other major markets in Europe, sales fell: Germany -8.6 percent, France -15.1 percent, and Italy -17.6 percent.

On the other hand, several brands show great changes. Lexus has almost halved its sales, while Jaguar has increased by 26 percent.

Even in Sweden, there was decreased in car sales in January compared with the same month last year, down 15.9 percent.

Yesterday, Volvo Cars presented six heavily upgraded car models that will begin production in May. Volvo hopped that it hopes to reverse the drop in sales.
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