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Northern Swedish town of UmeŚ captures the limelight with 800 new IT jobs  

Friday, 04 October 2013
The Umea IT industry is expanding and has started attracting many professionals. It is reported that nearly 800 new jobs have be created there over the past seven years.

The number of employees in UmeŚ IT companies has increased by 80 percent and only the construction sector employed more.

This comes from a finding by consulting firm, Grufman Reje, which carried out a study on the amount of  companies establishing in the IT and telecommunications industry in UmeŚ.
ITIT specialist / Granscole
It also shows that 80 new IT companies started since 2006, and that the turnover in the industry has more than doubled.

"UmeŚ has a much stronger growth in the IT sector than other comparable municipalities in the country," says the municipality's commercial director Roland Carlsson.

The total workforce in the sectors now is about 1,700 people.

One driver for this growing concentration if IT firms here is that with the great Swedish infrastructure, low population concentration here and lower cost s of production such as cheaper property prices, it make sense for many companies to move from the bustling Stockholm to Umea.
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