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More electric cars on Swedish roads than ever before

Monday, 14 January 2013
Never before have there been so many electric cars on Swedish road as today. Latest figures out today from the Swedish Transport Agency show that in 2012 there were a record number of new registrations of electric cars - more than would have been thought.
But if the development is to be able to keep to changing times and interests, it is required that there would be more powerful charging stations according to those who use electric cars the most such as the taxi drivers.
The number of electric cars in Sweden has risen sharply in recent years. During the last year figures, there were 264 new registrations, compare with for example, 2008, when only one electric car was registered.

Now at the end of last year the total number of passenger cars powered only by electricity in Sweden stood that 622 items, according to figures from Swedish Transport Agency.
Looking back five years ago where there was not a single electric car bought, overall, the trend has really moves on. Although the growth of electric vehicles on the Swedish roads is proportionally large, it's still low in volume, according some authorities and Green campaigners.
The stumbling block has been blamed on the development of charging stations which have been determined to be too few, contends the organisation, Easy Charge.
Some 198 municipalities are lacking charging infrastructure according to data.
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