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More bad news in the Swedish job market as open unemployment edge up

Monday, 15 July 2013
According to the Swedish employment service, Arbetsförmedlingen, (AF), the number of people classed as openly unemployed increased with 1.403 persons in week 28 compared with the week before and amounted to 216.844.

That is an increase with 5.991 persons compared with same week the year prior. The number of applicants into programs with government funding activities decreased by 1128 to 174219 persons, which is 9.558 more than last year.

The number jobseekers, persons who gained work with taxpayer support increased by 267 to 89149 persons, which is 7.347 more than last year.

The number applicants who got work decreased by 6.462 persons compared with last week to 9.398.
The number newly posted jobs positions on the employment services website and job bank decreased by 1.708 positions to 9.125 compared with last week.
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