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More Swedish people expected to get sicker in the coming months- new social insurance forecast predict

Wednesday, 21 August 2013
More Swedish people are getting extremely stressed out and according to the Swedish national insurance organisation, Försäkringskassan, in its latest forecast,  more Swedish people are expected to get sick this year and next.
"This year, the cost of sickness absence is expected to increase by Skr1 billion and Skr2.8 billion by 2014, "says Jan Larsson, forecast manager at Försäkringskassan to radio Sweden.stress

The increase has to do with stress-related illness and mental illnesses which requires prolonged sick leave, such as bipolar disorder and relapse in depression. Mild depression does not increase to the same extent according to the reports on radio Sweden.

"We have seen this trend for several years now and we believe that this trend will continue in 2013 and certainly well into 2014, "said Jan Larsson, who was responsible for the new forecast.

It has been presented to the upcoming budget negotiations. Instead of Skr 22.7 billion it is now expected that the Försäkringskassan is seeking Skr 23.9 billion this year.

Next year, the sick leave will cost around Skr26 billion instead of the previously estimated Skr23.2 billion.

The government is concerned over the short-term sick leave increases which has been 10 percent in recent years.
The Government will tomorrow give Social Insurance Administration the power to analyze the increase in short-term sickness absence, but also to investigate why Sweden has such great long-term fluctuations in the total absence compared with other countries.
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