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Migration is beneficial; economically - Sweden - Norway migration pays better

Friday, 06 September 2013
If you are a Swedes looking for work, there seem to be plenty in Norway for you. Also if you are working in some types of sectors that have a higher demand of skills in Norway, it make sense if you can move over there for it pays up to 50 percent more than in Sweden.

In most European countries, there are increase talks or irritation against immigrants more that a few years ago. In the UK, for example, there is bitter hatred driven against Eastern Europeans (Poles, Romanian Bulgarians etc.) who are coming into England to "do the jobs that locals people don't want to do". For immigrants, working in the UK even if it pays lower for UK standard, it looks like gold mine for them as the jobs are there and the pay is better than at home.
In Sweden, a country that is very hypocritical about the presence of immigrants on its  soil, for example, the emergence of the far right anti-immigrants political force which was voted into our parliament, is being attributed as an example of the official stance of the country when t comes to the people' relations with immigrants.

However, Swedish emigrants have benefited economical while working in Denmark. In the southern Swedish city of Malmo, it is easy to see how Swedes flock across the Oresund bridge into the Danish capital and nearby cities to work every morning. There they earned more than in Sweden and if converted to Swedish Krona their take home, as observed in the past will be more than what they earned here and if spent in Sweden, it even pays more.

Denmark today is not a very strong hit for Swedish jobs seekers because of its own economic troubles that has dragged on since the financial crisis of 2008. So Swedish jobs seekers have been casting their nets a bit wider and Norway has emerged as a beckoning destination.

In Norway today, there is very low unemployment and the wages rates here are very high. This has already attracted nearly 100,000 Swedes to Norway. Now the country is still seeking more educated ones for positions to be filled.
According to Swedish business daily,  Dagens Industri which has revisited this issue, a recent graduate nurse earn in monthly salary, some Skr21,000 at Sahlgrenska University hospital in Göteborg.  For that same qualification and job, a starting salary of Skr33,000 at Akershus University Hospital outside Oslo, just three hours drive away is what the Norwegians pay, writes Dagens Industri,  - that is a salary increase of some 50 per cent.

According to analysts who spoke to the paper, somewhere between 70,000 and 100,000 Swedes works in Norway, of which about 20,000 commute across the border.
However, it should be noted that the cost of living in Denmark and Norway are extremely higher than in Sweden and the best is earned if the money is spent in Sweden. Therefore, those who live and commute to and from Sweden benefit more.
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