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How Swedish Real Estate companies exhibit slavery and selfishness. They pay immigrants workers Skr10 per hour - What hypocrisy and shame!

Monday, 22 July 2013
Foreign construction workers employed in Sweden are exploited beyond expression, a new reports exposed today Monday. Of all places, Swedish real estate companies are leading the capitalist crusade of "dog eat dog" and would put  profit before people.
According to a survey conducted by the Labour Union, LO, there are construction workers - mainly from EU countries in Eastern Europe - who earn not more than  Skr10 per hour, writes Swedish business daily Dagens Industri.

LO's survey shows that one in five construction workers in Sweden are from other EU countries. According to the Swedish daily, Svenska Dagbladet, some 15,000 construction workers who work for the so-called non dominion enterprises are those found on the streets in Swedish contraction sectors.

These foreign companies have a contract with Swedish companies. They send foreign workers here to work on a project obtained by their foreign employer. They then are paid slavish salaries. Theses workers are employees of an agency supplying work force to companies with operations in Sweden. Swedish construction companies are aware of this but choose to stay quite on grounds that they will later argue that they did not directly employ them. They will say that they pay their employers well but are aware of the fact that these workers are fully exploited.

In some cases, according to construction union, Byggettan- this is driven by the fact that the industry sometimes have a shortage of skilled labour.

"We have no comment. But there is no doubt that in many cases, it is about to drive down wages and exploit people in a weaker position, "says Claes-Mikael Jansson, an associate at LO to the Swedish daily Svenska Dagsbadet.

Andrzej Stamirowski of Byggettan has travelled around the building construction operations in Stockholm to inspect the working environment of the various Union workers employed in the sector. He tells Svenska Dagsbadet about how he met Ukrainian construction workers working for Skr 10 per hour, Estonian construction workers paid Skr 14 per hour. Some of the foreign underpaid construction workers are working in sandals and sweatpants.

"Some of them have only two choices - stay on the streets and eating garbage or work for Skr 30 per hour, then the choice is not difficult, "says Andrzej Stamirowski.

Many foreign workers are said to work in the tax free or tax deduction system introduced by the governement in  homes of individuals who are carrying out renovation.
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