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Did the job market look rosier for the Swedish minority?

Monday, 25 November 2013
It is not new news that the unemployment and access to career opportunities is still higher among Swedish residents or citizens with foreign background than among Swedish-born. But a new number crunching shows that there seems to be a headwind toward a shift.
AllianceThey created 160000 jobs for the minority in Sweden / Granscole
Latest data suggest that of the  of 230 000 new jobs created in Sweden since 2006, 160 000 went to those Swedes of foreign-born extraction.

More than 100,000 of the new jobs have gone to people born outside Europe, said Swedish Minister for Integration, Erik Ullenhag to radio Sweden.

The current government that has been in office for close to 8 years seems to be happy that since 2006, a lot of the jobs created have gone to foreign-born. No less than 160 000 of 230 000 new jobs have gone to people born outside Sweden, according to figures from Statistics Sweden.
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