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4 000 people banned from the Casino Cosmopol for gambling addition

Monday, 30 April 2012
At the end of the year 4149 people signed a voluntary agreement to not come back turned to gamble at the four international casinos in Sweden.

Casino Cosmopol guests can, if they identify their gambling as a problem, take out voluntary agreements to limit their casino visits to maximum period of eight month - or to completely shut off from the game for at least six months.

In many cases, contact in which staff had with people who show signs of unhealthy gambling behaviour increased last year to 4151, according to the Swedish accordion annual report to the government.

In 2011 Casino Cosmopol also reported 284 cases of suspected money laundering. In November last year eight people were arrested and detained suspected of aggravated embezzlement. Seven of those arrested were employees of Casino Cosmopol in Gothenburg.

The four international casinos in Sweden are based in Gothenburg, Malmo, Stockholm and Sundsvall. The number of visitor by number 2011 was 1,231,845 and net gaming revenue amounted to Skr1.2 billion. Casino Cosmopol profit were channelled to the Swedish Treasury.
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