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Swedish companies lack cultural infusion compared to those from other Europeans countries. Likely, it does not affect their business so who cares?

Tuesday, 25 June 2013
The Swedish government has been working hard for some years past to instill some form for a blend of the Swedish culture into the way it's big companies present themselves out there. Such efforts have been accounted to have failed.
Described as the government's ambitions to marry culture and the industry, it is argued that it is not only the cultural sector, which does not understand the businesses. The Swedish businesses also have difficulty absorbing the country's culture into their blood stream. Perhaps even more difficult than many other countries.

According to a radio Sweden's series on the government's initiative to marry business with culture, compared with other countries such as the UK and France, Swedish managers have nothing to say about their country's cultural experience other that their personal interest of money and interest in sports such as gulf.

This has even resulted to Swedish business managers or operatives in other countries being avoided say during launch time.Swedish-arts
Radio Sweden points that, "In Paris businessmen there work very hard to avoid having to eat lunch with the Swedes. Nobody wants to eat lunch with the Swedish businessmen because they can only talk money, possibly golf. Nobody has read a novels, no one has seen any work of art, and none have any form of religion."

<<An artefact from the Swedish museum being sold Image - Granscole>>

In 2009, the Swedish government initiated an effort to get the Swedish businesses and cultural life in Sweden to infuse but the question has remained as to how easy the Swedish businesses have been interested in cultural issue anyway.

It continues that - If we compare Swedish industrial operations with other types of business, especially those very big companies, there is remarkably little face of the country's cultural identity compared with British, German, or French companies.

Radio Sweden presents Ylva Gislén,  Artistic Director of the Graduate School and Visiting Professor of Art at Lund University who surmised that there is a difference in approach. He thinks that it affects the type of products that they develop and the types of services that are designed and delivered. So, that Swedish industries are less cultural than other countries? - "Yes, several studies show such phenomenon."

He points that in relations to things like hobbies, what engages the Swedish engineers, are things like golf and sports such as  football or so. They are interested in these things. They do not read books, do not go to the theatre, do not go to look at work of art in exhibitions etc.

The Engineering sector did a study last year showing that companies that invest in design have 50 percent more profit than those that do not.  So the question emerges again as what is the reason why Swedish business fail to attach their country's cultural interest in their operations and design? Why do the French hate to eat lunch with the Swedes?
Klas Rabes who is in charge of the cultural development in the Swedish growth board respond that "I think it has to with Sweden not having the same arts development tradition as could be seen in many countries on the European continent, where people are interested in surrounding areas. For this to work in the long term in Sweden, it is important to consider starting from education in the primary, secondary, and so on. This would lead to strengthening the liberal arts skills so that it will be better infused in the business in a few years."
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