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Six people convicted of serious economic crimes in Goteborg

Monday, 05 August 2013
The Gothenburg District Court, on Monday, sentenced six people to lengthy prison terms for financial crimes.

This comes after the Goteborg region in Sweden has declared war on any crime that could be deemed related to financial impropriety and have the character of  fraud,  after the city and region underwent bad press recently from massive and rampant un-Swedish bribery and corruption scandals.

According to various media reports, the money from the crime is said to have been used to finance the rebellion activities in Syria.

The six men are convicted of multiple financial crimes. Among others the crimes involved  serious tax fraud and aggravated accounting offense. Punishment for such crimes carries imprisonment between three and four and a half years. All may also be barred from carrying out commercial activities for five to seven years.
The men born1949, 1950, 1961, 1982, 1983 and 1987 are based in Torslanda, Lerum, Gothenburg and Mölnlycke in Western Sweden. One of them is a local politician in Western Sweden for the Conservative party.

The Swedish daily, Göteborgs-Posten writes that one of them is a known Islamic preacher who supported the rebels in Syria, something which prosecutors Kennert Lundgren did not want to go into when questioned by radio Sweden.

"We have seen that the money goes to Germany, China, Egypt, and Morocco," says Lundgren to radio Sweden, adding that it's unclear how the six men came in contact with each other.

According to the Gothenburg District Court , the league has been guilty of widespread VAT fraud. The Men had jointly defrauded the state of many millions by importing and reselling electronics goods such as mobile phones and tablets, according to prosecutor,  Kennert Lundgren.

"The people who manage this company, in my opinion did not intend to pay sales tax. And with that, you could keep a lower price against other companies that sell to the Swedish company."

Eight Swedish companies have purchased products from the company. Among others, the online electronics giant Net on net.

It is unclear how much money the men were able to deceive the system, but its is being assumed that it could be in the region of about Skr20 million.

Of the money that the league tricked, a good amount was sent to Egypt and Morocco.
Although they deny all accusations, they were still served with various terms of sentence.
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