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Resigns from board of directors after revelations that she used the job seekers resources to boost her own interest

Tuesday, 03 September 2013
A rear position held by a black person in Sweden has brought the aspiration of that sector of the community under further strains when a board member is forced to resign after it emerged she used resources destined for job seekers for her own interest.

Holding double leadership positions, one with the Swedish employment service and the other in her own company, according to Swedish television revelation, she has been forced to leave after a period of thinking and rethinking.

Today she announced her resignation from the Employment Service board, the reason: her organization received a grant from the employment services which she happen to be a board member. What can go wrong with that?
Joyce Kimwaga Lundin
Joyce Kimwaga Lundin duringa presentation in September 2011/ image from Blip

Joyce Kimwaga Lundin is her name, in a rear position held by some one with such name and skin colour in Sweden, as such her resignation will give proper reason as to why people of her creed (race and skin colour) should not be given the chance in the next recruitment to such positions.

The Department now confirms that Joyce Kimwaga Lundin has left her position within the employment service.
"It's on her own request," said Labour Minister Hillevi Engström's press secretary Niklas Gillström, to make stress the point that she was not fired.

All this came to contention when it emerged that the organization Joyce Kimwaga Lundin operates, Neem received nearly half a million Swedish kronor in grants from the Public Employment Service.

Her organisation, Neem (Network for entrepreneurs from ethnic minorities) claims to work for integration and to contribute to a society where everyone feels involved.

Thus, Neem works to find innovative solutions for the integration and social change, particularly for women with foreign backgrounds who are inactive in the Swedish society.

The fact that Joyce Kimwaga Lundin sits on the board of the Swedish employment services and also holds top management position in a Swedish public institution, spelt collusion especially when the employment services provides lots of money to her organisation. This is against the law which tries to discourage insider operation or impartiality, given that there would surely be organisations out there which could even provide better jobs  and services but would not be favoured for funding
NEEM received funding to conduct pilot operations, which means they help newcomers into the country to get into work. In total, they have received Skr478,211 from the employment service during the years 2011 and 2012.
What can be wrong with that?
By Team

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