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Millions of Swedish patient records left exposed in months

Wednesday, 30 October 2013
Security vulnerabilities in a server meant that within a period of eight months, three million patient records in Sweden were left completely unprotected. And there are traces of intrusions in the computer systems which mean the records might have been compromised.

The Swedish daily, Dagens Nyheter reports that data and information recording system used by hospitals and health centres in Stockholm and Gotland, was hit in the summer by multiple failures and security bridges.

When troubleshooting, it was discovered that the server with patient records were connected to the Internet in a manner that it easier for data protect not to work well. In addition, central server firewalls were missing, the paper reports.
Computer intrusion
During the eight months there was security breach, which made it possible for outsiders to get into the IT system, which the records of some three million patients are stored. Investigation also revealed traces of intrusions, according to the sources.

“We have the situation under control and no one believe that any information deemed sensitive in nature may have been compromised,” says Anders Nystrom, Assistant Manager at the Stockholm County Council,  and responsible for IT security to the paper.

When the defect was discovered in June three independent firms were hired to investigate the incident. According to Anders Nyström records were never exposed to the internet. The investigation showed that other security systems had backed up the wrecked system.

Sweden supposed to be a leader in IT related production and boast of companies that has companies that produce and manage advance information and infrastructure systems.  If patient records are valuable, the question remains as to why prpper care is not taken to protect them.
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