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Despite her dismissal, former Director, of Swedish Employment Services, Angeles Bermudez-Svankvist keeps her pay

Tuesday, 27 August 2013
The former director of the Swedish employment services, Angeles Bermudez-Svankvist who was dismissed last Sunday will continue to keep her very large pay despite no longer working for the organization. The reason for this is a law which allows top bureaucrats to keep on earning even if they did a poor jobs and were fired.

This is true with a report from radio Sweden which shows that, at this moment, there are ten former directors-general of various Swedish government establishments who are no longer working in their positions but who still receive their fat pays.
Angeles Bermudez-Svankvist
According to radio Sweden, the best salary is currently being kept by Angeles Bermudez-Svankvist (pictured above) who left her job over the weekend as director general of the Swedish Employment Service.

Neither the government nor the opposition,  Social Democrats want to change the rules that allow a fired top managers or general directors to retain their top salary during the entire time of their appointment. The Green Party and the Left Party think that the salary should be cut down when they leave or if they resign.

An appointment is normally for six years, with an option to extend for another three more years. Even if the government decides to dismiss a Director-General, the person in question retains their salary. Anyone who has served six years is also entitled to severance pay or income guarantee.

Former director general of the Swedish Employment Service, Angeles Bermudez-Svankvist joins the list of top director generals with a monthly salary of Skr142,400 given that she still have a year left on his appointment. She will thus get more than Skr1.7 million in salary.

One would have expected the Social Democrats to call for a change of system but they are in agreement with both the government and those who argue that the policy should remain in place.

However, the Green Party, which is a member of the Red- Green coalition and will be in office with the Social Democrats should they win a majority in the forth coming election, wants to see a gradual reduction in the wages of those who are forced to leave their position and a time limit for how long they should be able to get compensation.

Under current rules, a director general gets salary for five years after he or she has been fired from their positions. Similar view is shared by the Left Party.
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