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As Swedish people are getting fatter at a record rate, so the increase in the purchase of more saturated fat

Tuesday, 05 June 2012
Contrary to nutritional recommendations that there should be as low as possible the consumption of saturated fats, fewer Swedish people buy more real saturated fatty products.
Added to that is also expanded sugar consumption according to a new report from the Swedish Food Retailers.

Denmark decided toward the end of last year to impose a heavy tax on fatty food in a bid to reduce the consumption of that line of food and to try and manage the explosive growth of obesity in its population.

But in Sweden, sales of Bregott and butter went just over nine percent in 2011, while sales of low fat spreads declined by eight percent.

This is what the Swedish Grocery Trade President, Thomas Svaton, identified in a new report which he added that things are moving in the wrong direction. “Reducing consumption of saturated fats and increasing consumption low fat products are essential tools for improving public health,” says the trade organization that calls for a national nutrition plan.
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