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Be weary of some scientific research results as renowned Danish University brain scientist suspected of fake research

Wednesday, 08 August 2012
There has emerged a scandal at the University of Copenhagen, in Denmark as a Danish brain scientist, Milena Penkowa identified as a future Nobel Prize winner and who has received millions of research prize money seems to have had a research based on deliberate fraud, an expert panel indict.

An international expert panel, led by Austrian Professor Hans Lassmann from the University of Vienna, who examined Penkowas research points to irregularities in 15 out of 79 scientific articles examined, according to report from University of Copenhagen.
The expert panel report has now been made public  and Penkowa is now suspected of scientific misconduct in the 15 Articles which Penkowa either co-author or was a lead author. According to the university, the panel has raised suspicions of fictional animals, manipulation of data, falsification of results and did not perform control experiments in another 15 of Penkowas scientific articles.

Among other things, Penkowa stated that she made use of 700 experimental mice in an article from 2002, but the Panel find it hard to believe that  the number may have been as large, but rather they believe that that it was about 20 or so.

But it's not just Penkowa who is receiving the criticism. The University of Copenhagen, is also on the spot from the panel of experts who believe that they should have identified  and be suspicions of cheating long before.

In what is being considered as the greatest scandal of Copenhagen University's 526-year history, Milena Penkowas, research which all evidence show that it has been based on deliberate fraud started when she was to received her doctoral thesis back in 2003. She failed her initial viva due to lack of prove of sources and related documentation. But after the intervention of the president of the university, her  thesis was approved and Penkowas (Pictured above ) fake career took off.
On aspect to prove that she was a terrible liar was what the Swedish daily, Sydsvenska Dagbladet wrote that Penkowa said when she had difficulty obtaining documentation and prove of source when she was defending her fake PhD thesis. She said then that she was "devastated when her mother and sister died in a car accident".
As such she could not go out to get the data that she had used. But when Penkowa in 2009 received an elite research prize of Dkr1.1 million from the Danish Princess Mary's Fund,  both her mother and sister were there to celebrate her success with her.

"I greeted them both but I was not aware that they were dead," says Prof. Elisabeth Bock, one of the researchers who had suspected that Penkowas research findings were false to Swedish daily, Sydsvenskan.

Thing really started getting sour for  Penkowas when three of the student she was supervising were trying to do their dissertation  and carried out the rat experiments she had done in one of her write ups. It proved to be impossible. The students raised the alarm and the snowball started rolling.
At the beginning of 2010,  Milena Penkowa was suspended from the university and was reported to the police accused of serious document fraud, embezzlement and false accusation against one of her students.

It was also revealed that the laboratory in Spain where the rat experiments should have been carried out was invented. Penkowa was sentenced to three months' conditional imprisonment.

But Penkowa himself denies the allegations of fraud. She wrote on the website that it may well have been an errors in her research but that there is no question of deliberate fraud.
"As I said earlier, there is no doubt that inadvertent errors may have occurred along the way, since I in 1993 began working in the laboratory (University of Copenhagen) And I will be the first to regret deeply . "Deliberate dishonesty 'is rather a quite different matter, and I have never committed," Penkowa wrote.

Penkowa also says that she had not had the opportunity to present the documents for their research that the panel of experts believed were missing because she did not have access to the university since her section was shutdown in 2010, writes teh Danish paper Berlingske.
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