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Education business: Lund University leads in attracting international fee paying students most among Swedish universities

Sunday, 06 October 2013
It is the most highly ranked Swedish university in the world university league table and that high ranking is paying off as Lund leads in the amount of international fee-paying students coming to study in Sweden

When the Swedish government instituted tuition fees payments for non EU students willing to study in Sweden, some 3 years ago, it was greeted with criticism from those who feared that student will not comes to Sweden for such high fees. The fear was that Swedish universities would not be able to compete with the likes of British universities which have a strong tradition of attracting non EU high tuition fee payers.

It was evident in the initial response in which international student numbers coming to Sweden plummeted, something that is still so but some universities are doing more to attract non-EU fee-paying students more than others are.
University of Lund
Lund University, Sweden created 1666 / Granscole
A new data from the organisation Universitets - och högskolerådet known in English as  University and college Council and reported on radio Sweden show that more than 500 overseas students are currently studying at Lund University, making the school the most attractive to non EU student so far. Lund University was ranked number 67 in the world in the latest QS ranking.

Other universities attracting a growing number of international students include Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and Chalmers technical institute in Gothenburg, second and third in that order.

Student that don't have scholarship have to folk out some Skr200 000 (€22000, GBP19,000) for the cost to studying here a fortune even fir Sweden's own standard. 

Swedish universities and the amount of international fees paying students they attract for the academic year 2012, 2013.

School / university   Academic year 2012     Academic year 2013    
Blekinge technical University       
Chalmers technical University 444               
 Göteborgs university          
Stockholm School of Economics   
University collage of Dalarna   
University collage of  Borås        
University  of collage Gävle        
University collage of  Halmstad    
University of  Jönköping       
University collage of  Skövde    
University collage of  Kristianstad    
University collage of  Trollhättan    
Karlstads university collage     
Karolinska institutet            
(University collage of craft
arts and design, stocholm)       
Royal Insitutue of Technology    
Linköpings university       
Linnaeus University           
Luleå technical university        
Lunds university           
Malmö University Collage       
Mälardalens university Collage   
Stockholms university       
Swedish agreiculture university   
Södertörns University collage      
Umeå university           
Uppsala university          
Örebro university           

Schools that are missing, according to the organisation, University and college Council are school that have no pay overseas students. Gotland University last year had 29 fee paying students but this year it has partnered with Uppsala University so it could not future in this tabulation

According to Richard Stenelo, international director at the University of Lund, the reason for this attractiveness is rooted to the fact that Lund boast of  variety of interesting programs as well as that the University is highly ranked in the global universities league table.

Also many students are looking for this real "university town feeling" and Lund University fits that criteria. When tuition fees were introduced in 2011, the numbers applying to Swedish universities fell to eight out of ten applicants. However, they have begun to recover.

For Lund, the number of fee paying students increased by 46 percent this year, to 324 students compared to 222 last year. The fees are expensive and it has affected the diversity of the University. It has in a way eliminated students from developing countries who badly need such education to build their own economies.

With none or very minimal scholarships in Swedish education system, the numbers coming to Sweden will continue to remain depressed and only the "white world" or some corrupt African and Middle Eastern dictators, as well as their counterparts in the third world would be able to benefit from such education offerings.   

Universitets - och högskolerådet known in English as  University and college Council is a new agency created by the government charged with the responsibility to produce statistics on the number of applicants, the minimum admission score, and number of students admitted to university and college courses in Sweden.
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